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Scott Perry

Scott Perry

-Born:May 27,1962 Rasied-San Diego-Graduated from (and trained at): United States Army War College-B.S. in Business from Pennsylvania State University-Started serving in the army in 1980-served in PA's house of Representatives (2007-2012)

Early life

-1980/present: Lieutenant in Pennsylvania Army National Guard-1993/present: Founder of Hydrotech Mechanical Services-2005/present: Aviation Safety officer, State Aviation Office-2006/2012: Representative (House of Representative-2013/present: U.S. Representative From PA's 4th Congressional District


U.S. Representative from PA's 4th Congressional District


1. Education- "Access the important information about the quality of their schools. However, one-size-fits-all accountability metrics restrict states' and school districts' ability to appropriately gauge student learning..."- ""2.Foreign Affairs- "As a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, I'm committed to help provide effective oversight of American foreign policy and foreign aid. As a soldier for more then 30 years, I've learned that before taking any military or diplomatic action, you must have a clear objective and a realistic strategy for success..."-""


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