Scott Joplin and Ragtime

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Scott Joplin and Ragtime

Scott JoplinScott Joplin was born in the late 1860s and died April 1, 1917. He was one of the most important composers who contributed to ragtime. He was well respected and well recognized as a composer, one of the first African American composers to be recognized like this. Not only did he compose, but he also taught and performed.


RagtimeRagtime came out in the 1890s and spread across the nation quickly. It became very popular by the early 1900s. Its popularity lasted until, about 1920. It is a genre of music for the piano, with a quick rhythm, composed for an audience. It is considered to be the first entirely American music.

Ragtime Characteristics, Influences, and ImpactRagtime is often composed for the piano, but can be performed on the banjo or fiddle. It began in the South and Midwest. This music genre is not composed for dancing. It has a syncopated, steady beat, adapted from a combination of African and European music. It later influenced the messages and beats of jazz music.

Scott Joplin Influences, Style, and ImpactOne of the most influential things in Scott Joplin’s life was his family. He grew up amongst a musical family, his mother being a singer and banjo player, and his father being a violinist. When he was young he learned to play the guitar and later learned to play the piano. He started writing ragtime music in the late 1890s. The music he composed, taught, and performed played a major role in influencing other music forms, like jazz.


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