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Scott County Library System (Homework), Librarians & Library

Evaluating Online SourcesThe internet allows easy access to many research resources, but it can be difficult to judge which sources are reliable and which are untrustworthy. The following criteria can help you judge the value of your online source:AccuracyAre there spelling, grammar or factual errors? Remember to check a fact in at least two sources to make sure it is correct.AuthorshipIs the company or person publishing the information reliable or trustworth? Is the source an authority on the subject?CurrencyIs the information up-to-date? When was the site last updated? Sites that are not maintained may have old information and broken links.ObjectivityWhat is the website's purpose? Is it to educate or to sell a product or express an opinion? Is it biased? Does it try to provide balanced information or alternate viewpoints?LayoutIs it easy to find information on the site? Does it have a lot of pop-up or distracting advertisements?Remember:A lot of sources do not publish to the internet. An online searcher often has to subscribe to a service or pay a fee for information. But, your library provides many electronic encyclopedias, essays and articles free to a library card holder.Citation: Evaluating Online Sources. (n.d.) Today's Science.Retrieved October 9, 2012 from Today's Science database.

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1) Use the library website to find research and reference sources available 24/72) Log in with my library card and pin to access materials only available to libraries3) Use keywords, subjects and advanced search options to find the right information4) Use citation tools to correctly credit sources

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