Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

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Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

What stood in the way of Scott and Zelda’s getting together? At first, just about everything. Scott was deeply aware of the death tolls at Verdun and the Somme. Believing he too might soon die, he hastily finished his first novel while in officer’s training. His manuscript was rejected, but his life spared — even as he was about to be deployed overseas — by the armistice of November 1918. With the war over, he courted Zelda from New York, besieging her with love letters and telegrams, winning but then losing her hand because his career prospects were still so uncertain. Dejected, he moved home to St. Paul, Minnesota to rewrite the book he hoped might tell the story of his generation as no one else could. When Scribner’s accepted This Side of Paradise, Scott wrote his editor asking if the publication date could be moved up. “I have so many things dependent on its success,” he explained, “including, of course, a girl.”

The Novel

1896 - F. Scott Fitzgerald born1900 - Zelda Sayre1918 - Scott and Zelda meet each other1919 - Marriage1921 - They have a child1940 - Fitzgerald dies 1948 - Zelda dies

Gatsby and Scott, to different degrees, invented their lives. Scott's family in St. Paul had modest social credentials and financial resources. By age 9, Scott, who was born on Sept. 24, 1896, wondered if there hadn't been a mistake -- if he hadn't been a royal foundling, left in a basket on his parents' doorstep. He had natural talent, good looks and an ease with people, but some aspects of his manner were consciously, if not painstakingly, cultivated.As for Zelda, when people describe a woman as looking like her nowadays, they might mean Mia Farrow, who played Daisy in the Paramount production of ''The Great Gatsby,'' in layered chiffon and wide-brimmed hats. But in April 1920 arrived in New York from Montgomery, Ala., to become Mrs. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Scott enlisted a female friend to help her select a more cosmopolitan wardrobe.

Scottie Fitzgerald

Frances Scott "Scottie" Fitzgerald (October 26, 1921 – June 18, 1986) was the only child of novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. She was a writer, a journalist , and a prominent member of the Democratic Party. She was inducted into the Alabama Women's Hall of Fame in 1992.




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