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Social Studies

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The Highland Games are a great opportunity to see some of Scotland's great traditions. Watch the video and notice what traditional features there are and what modern sports you can see there.

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Look at the four pictures above and answer these questions:What is typical for Scottish landscape?What is special about the traditional Scottish clothes?The statue represents a famous Scottish hero - can you find out his name? What is a typical musical instrument for Scotland?

Listen to the poem by Robert Burns. Do you think that English language in Scotland is the same as in England?

Do you know some famous Scottish people - historical personalities, writers, singers, actors or sportsmen? Find one interesting person for each of these areas. This site may help.

Scotland has many castles.

The Capital of Scotland Edinbourgh

Scotland factfile:- the north of the island of GB (border with England)- sea borders – the North Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Irish Sea- population – over 5 million- area – 78,772 km2 - the capital city – Edinburgh (Glasgow is the biggest)- official languages – English, Gaelic


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