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Social Studies

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COUNTRY INFO - the complete name is Scotland -the capital is Edinburgh


This is the Coat of Arms!

This is a church in Scotland with a five thousand year old tree next to it click on the church to find out more


WHAT IS INTRESTING ABOUT SCOTLANDScotland is known for their bagpipes there is a 5000 year old treevikings were here a lotinventions they had many inventionvery stange games

TO GET TO SCOTLANDThe ticket is $2,550the airways that go to Scotland are US Airways and Virgin Atlantic United

Scotlands goverment is a administrative division of the UK.there leader is the first minister Nicola Stargeone

SCOTLAND ENTERTAINMENThighland games, whisky tasting, music, traditional games, cèilidh band, and scottish dancers

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SCOTLAND FOODAND DRINKwhisky and Haggis, porridge, scotch pies,short bread,black pudding


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