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Social Studies

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Scottish people speak Scottish English


The main religion in Scotland is Christianity

The divorce rate in Scotland has risen. Dating is common among teens in Scotland

Scotland has public schools, but there are only 15 universities in Scotland. Generally students attend college for 4 years

Scotland Flag

Map of Scotland

Main ingredients used in Scotland are oats, barley, beef, lamb, mutton, fish, chicken, pork, vegtables, and fruit.

Famous Recipies:-Shepherd's Pie-Haggis-Stuffed Rolled Leg of Lamb-Steak and Kidney Pudding

Scottish food and culture

Hogmanay is celebrated like New Year's Eve in the United States

The Prime Minister of Scotland is Alex Salmond. He was elected in 2007.

This is a typical Scottish breakfast.

There are 4 distinct seasons in Scotland. Average temperature is mid 60s in the summer and upper 30s in the winter

In Scotland, the people eat 3 meals a day just like the United States. Lunch is light except for Sunday when it is the main meal.

Dinner is also known as "tea"


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