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The Challenge of

making good decisions.

Jamal has to chose between be a normal kid or being the leader of a gang. But when he returns the gun to mack they end up kill Angle.

Losing a friend to guns. In the chapters 18-19 Angle died and make an impact on Jamals life

The thumbtack hurts people so dose the gun in the story. Jamal and Tito try hard to hide the gun and return it but doing hurts someone

By : Sheldon Lawrence

"It's a hard life sometimes and the biggest temptation is to let how hard it is be an excuse to weaken"

"Sometimes when things get hard, we tend to set our sights on what's hard, that difficult thing that keeps us upset, and we turn our back on our strengths. "

"In a moment that passed so quickly that it was almost a memory before it happened, Tito had turned and run back to the cab."

Jamal has two sides in the book. One said is hes a kid that gets beat up at school. On the other side hes a leader of a gang and



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