[2014] Ryder Cranston (2020Class): Scorpion fly

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[2014] Ryder Cranston (2020Class): Scorpion fly

What it looks like!The Scorpionfly!The Scorpionfly is black and yelllow. It has a red head and a long beak. It has little black patches on there wings. Also they have a scorpion like tail but it does not sting.

The Scienctific name of the Scorpion fly is Mecoptera.

The Scorpion fly got it's name by it's swollen tail. But the insect is harmless. It's not like the Scorpion at all.

To the right is the mouth of the Scorpion fly. The jaw is at the way bottom of the mouth. For this mouth they eat rotting fruit, and dead insects.

More facts about what it looks like. They have three body parts. One pair of antennae. They have six legs.

Scoprion fly!By Ryder Cranston!


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