[2015] 6Sam J: Scorpion

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[2015] 6Sam J: Scorpion

Suspense- the quality in a literary work that makes the reader/audience uncertian or tense about what is to come nextEx) In the end of season 2, the show leaves the audience in suspense when Walter has accidentally driven off the road and is teetering off the edge of a cliff and is unconscience. As they end the episode the audience doesn't know if Walter will make it out aive until the next episode when they finaly resolve the conflict by saving Walter.

Flashback- a scene that interupts the present action to tell what happened at an earlier timeEx) InScorpion, Walter is the character with the most fashbacks. Almost all of them from when he was a kid and tried to print out NASA blueprints to put on his wall. These flashbacks give the audience an insight to what helped form the charater we see now.

Conflict- a struggle beween two opposing forcesEx) Walter and Cabe have a man vs man conflict when Cabe confronts Walter about what really happened in Bahgdad and Walter's care package technology that resulted in the death of many civilians. Walter kicks Cabe off of Team Scorpion as result of the conflict.

Setting- time and place of a storyEx) The time period of the show is extremely important since the Scorpion team relies heavily on there kowlege and expert in adavanced programming and computer skills.

Plot-the plot of the story consists of the sequence of events in a storyEx) Scorpion is a great show that shows an example of plot. In each episode there is always a introduction, rising action, climax, falling action and a resolution the story.

Foreshadowing- the use of clues that hint at important plot developments that are to follow in a storyEx) In season 2, a business man gives Walter a Ferrari as a gift for saving his daughter, but Happy doesn't think that it is a good idea for Walter to accept the car because it has "strings attached". Later Walter ends up danging off the side of the cliff in the same car that Happy thought would result in trouble.

Irony- when the outcome of an event in a situation is opposite of what the reader might have exxpectedEx) In Scorpion, Walter has a 197 IQ and can slove problems that require extremely high intellegence. But even though Walter is smart he can't do "normal" tasks like others. For example, Walter has a hard time showing emotions and has trouble with conversations that are not logicaly based.


Theme- main idea of the story.Ex) Scorpion's reoccuring theme is good vs. evil. Team Scorpion represents good and fights to defeat the evil in the modern world.

Climax- the moment of highest emtional intensity within a plotEx) Ralph is in the furnace duct of a lab trying to seal the hole in the wall to keep a poisonous gas from leaking out into the city. As he is finishing sealing the duct, the furnace ignites threatening to burn him alive, as Paige, Toby, and Happy try to help him get out in time.

Dynamic Character- a character that changesEx) In the beginning of th show, Walter says that he has no emotion due to his extremely high IQ. As the seasons go on, Walter still tells his team that he has no emotion but his actions do not support that statement. Many times he has done actions that involve emotion like returning a painting to its rightful owners by stealing it and saving the boy genius, Ralph, from being taken away by government agents. The biggest way that the audience can tell Walter has changed is that he has fallen in love with Paige, the newest member of Team Scorpion.


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