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Sci-fi: Wither

I definitely enjoyed 'Whither' more than I disliked it. The setting is eerie and mysterious and showed a lot of potential for a gripping story line. However, the plot was somewhat disappointing as there weren't many climaxes and it the flow of the plot was very flat. The characters and the setting were very dark and well-thought out. This made up for all the blank spaces in the plot.

The story is set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. Unknown and futuristic worlds characterise the Sci-Fi genre. The whole plot revolves around genetic engineering and the dangers which can occur when meddling with DNA. Genetics is known as a sub-catagory of Sci-Fi.


SynopsisRhine once lived in a safe, harmless world where everyone had the opportunity to live long and healthy lives. It was a place of freedom and perfection. But what she did not know is that the trusted national genetisists were absent-mindedly creating a flaw in their plan for a perfect human race. Now, every new generation suffers from the genetically engineered flaw which was discovered over twenty years ago.

Now, women live until the age of 20 and men until 25. Girls as young as 12 are being captured and sold as child brides to attempt to breed a new generation of healthy children who do not have the flawed gene. One day, 16 year old Rhine is captured from her home in New York. She is sold into a bride for a rich gentlemen. She will stop at nothing to escape and get home to her brother Rowan in New York. But her escape plan becomes more twisted by the day as she discovers dark things about the mansion and about the world she lives in.

WITHER by Lauren DiStephano

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Does 'Wither' represent the genre Sci-Fi?

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” - Rose from 'Wither'


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