Scientists who Studied Photosynthesis

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Scientists who Studied Photosynthesis

Scientists who Studied Photosynthesis

Ruben (left) and Kamen (right) were one of the many scientists who studied and came up with their theories on photosynthesis. They used isotopes to help determine that the oxygen the plant gives off during photosynthesis comes from the water it takes in and stores. By doing this, they helped to discover how oxygen was being produced. info- Petrucci, www.

Melvin Calvin traced the path that carbon followed to make glucose.His contribution was forming the cycle that showed how this reaction happened. The name of the cycle was called the Calvin cycle. info- Biology book

By: Alexis Bernard

Julius Robert Mayer thought plants could convert energy from the light into chemical energy. He contributed to the theory of photosynthesis by coming up with the hypothesis that plants could convert energy from sunlight into chemical energy the plant can use. info- Petrucci

Jan Baptist van Helmont performed an experiment in which he planted a seed and watered it for five years. He then weighed the plant and soil and they were both 75 kg. He then concluded that the mass of both the plant and soil came from the water. He proved that the plant got it's nutrients from somewhere. info- Petrucci,

Joseph Priestley burned a candle in a bell jar until it burned out. He then placed a sprig of mint inside the jar for a couple of days. When he tried to re-light the candle, it relit and could burn. He concluded that plants released oxygen in which could be used for burning. His contribution to the study of photosynthesis was that he found out plants gave off oxygen through his experiment. info- Petrucci

Jan Ingenhousz repeated Priestley's experiment but with or without the sun. He proved that Priestly's experiment needed the presence of sunligt to occur. He proved that light was necessary for plants to be able to produce oxygen. His contribution to photosynthesis was the fact that plants need light to make the oxygen. info- Petrucci

Richard Martin Willstatter researched plant pigments, especially chlorophyll. His contribution was that he determind that chlorophyll was the main pigement in plants and captures sunlight. info-

Interesting Facts1. Pine trees and other conifers are triangular in shape because of photosynthesis. 2. Light is the main form of energy for photosynthesis. 3. Light energy is converted to chemical by chloroplasts.

Summary Melvin Calvin had the Clavin cycle named after him. Priestly found out that plants gave off oxygen. Helmont proved that plants got its nutrients from somewhere. Ingenhousz proved that plants need light to make oxygen.Ruben and Kamen discovered how oxygen was produced by the plant. Mayer came up with the hypothesis that plants convert energy from sunlight into chemicql energy the plant can use. Willstatter found that chlorophyll was the main pigment in plants and that it captures sunlight.


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