Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most desstructive hurricane of 2012. This hurricane happened in the Atlantic ocean, It happened near New York in the Easern U.S.A. Hurricane Sandy is well, a hurricane. A hurricane is a huge storm that can be up to 600 miles long, huricanes can last up to a week. Hurricane Sandy happened becuase of a brewing of a tropical storm in the Carribean thst became bigger.

Some effects this hurricane had on the enviorment can be shown by the pictures on this poster with the pictures the aftermath of this hurricane leaves dozen of people dead, thousands homeless, and millions without power.

The Picture above is a map of where Hurricane Sandy hit the hardest and the most. It is pretty easy to read where the red, purple areas are is where it hit the hardest, where the green and yellow areas are is where it hit less destructive.

The picture above shows the birds eye view from the hurricane , it shows really how big it is as you can see.

This picture shows the storms that were forming over The Statue of Liberty

This picture shows a bridge that is being destroyed becuase of the hurricane.

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