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Scientist - Biography

Physical vs Chemical

Chemical Change and Chemical Reaction

A physical change is a type of change in which the form of matter is altered, but one substance is NOT transformed into another. In a physical change, the identity of the substance remains the same.

Physical Change


(Examples go left to right)1. The example of butter melting is a physical change because the butter is not turning into another substance while undergoing the change. You can also turn the butter back to a solid form2. Example number two is a physical change because they are both still bananas but they are different colors. The molecular makeup of the bananas did not change.3. The final example is a physical change because when the apple underwent the change, it's identity remained the same regardless of it's size.

(Examples go left to right)1. The example of an egg frying is a chemical change because at first the egg is runny but when it is heated up, the identity of the egg changes. Also, the egg can't be reversed to it's original form.2. Example number 2 is a chemical property because the milk was not curdled at first, but then the milk started to sit out and started to become a different substance.3. The final example is a chemical change because the nail started to rust and is starting to become a different object.


A chemical change is a change that results in the formation of a new substance. A chemical change involves the making or breaking of bonds between atoms. A chemical reaction is a process that involves the rearrangement of the molecular structure of a substance.

This is a chemical reaction because the fire is changing the identitiy of the wood

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