Scientific Natation and Significant Numbers

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Scientific Natation and Significant Numbers

Scientific Notation and Significant Numbers

Scientific Notaion is the method scientists use to make very large or very little numbers make more sense.

In Scientific Notation, there is a digit term, an esponent, and a X 10. The Exponent reaveals how many spaces the decimal in the digit term must travel. Negatives move to the left and positives move to the right.

All Zeros between Non-Zeros are significant. All the Zeros that are to the right or at the end of the number are significant. Zeros to the left less than 10 are significant.

All numbers greater than Zero are automatically signnificant numbers. Some Zeros may be significant numbers as placeholders.

Scientific Notation


Scientific Notation

Scientific Notation and Significant numbers work together. The significant numbers in a number is revealed by the digit term. Zeros can be included but they are most likely place holders for the other numbers.

Significant Numbers

Significant Numbers

Scientific Notation


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