Scientific Method

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Scientific Method

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Scientific Method

Using Scientific Method

1. Ask a question



What amount of light allows for sunflower plants to grow the fastest? Talk with your group why this would experiment question would be useful

2. Observations/Research

4. Design/ Implement Experiment

Statements example:If more light is appied to sunflower plants, then the sunflower plants with grow faster

What do you think will happen?

3. Hypothesis

5. Evaluate Data

What happened ' Why?

Make an hypothesis statement with your group using the background knowledge you have learned

List possible control variables.What is the dependent variable?What is the independent variable?

Three groups of sunflower plants will be tested. Each group will contain five plants each. Group 1 will be the control, and will experience the same amount of light as outdoor plants. Group 2 and group 3 will be the experimental groups. Group 2 will have a 20 hours of constant light a day. Group 3 will have 2 hours of constant light a day.


Group 2 plants wilted and on average grew 0.5 of an inch within the 2 week experiment. Group 3 plants grew an average of 1 inch within time period. Group 1 grew the fastest, with on average of 2 inches.

6. Conculsion

Group 2 plants had too much light. I think this because the plants were very dry, therefor began to wilt. Group 3 didn’t have enough light to perform photosynthesis at a sufficient rate. Grout 1 received minimal amount of light which allowed it to perform photosynthesis fast.

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