Scientific Method

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Scientific Method

The Scientific MethodBy: Emma Coleman

1. Question

3. Hypothesis



2. Research

4. Experiment

5. Conclusion

After you are done experimenting, collect all your measurments and data in order to see weather or not your hypothesis is supported. Even if it is not supported.... you must write a conclusion that accuratley represents the data you collected!!EX: After conducting my experiment, I have proved my hypothesis right by observing more times than not that the potato bugs move to the dark side of the chamber.

For your first step you will think of a problem or question that can be observed AND measured through a controlled experiment. Important questions to ask; Who, What, When, Why, How.EX: What happens when you change a potato bugs enviornment. Do they enjoy wet or dry? Sunny or dark? Why do they prefer these conditions?

If I ______, then _______. A hypothesis is used as an educated guess for the question you proposed in step 1, these should ALWAYS be written in an "if then" statement form. EX: IF I place a potato bug in a space with half light half dark, THEN the bug will move to the side of the chamber that is not lit.

Before conducting any experiments, one must research the subject they are trying to test, in order to get as much information possible on said subject. EX: Reading a scientific article on potato bugs and their habits in nature.

The next step is to conduct an experiment to either prove, or disprove, your hypothesis in the previous step. It must be unbiased, and only one factor in your experiment can be changed and or altered. Testing more than once is always encouraged! EX: Collecting 10 potato bugs and placing them in a light dark chamber, and seeing where the potato bugs prefer to stay


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