Scientific Method

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Scientific Method

This is where you find out if your hypothesis is correct. You test your hypothesis and the different variables. If the experiment turns out to be right you move to the next step. However, if it turns out to be wrong go back and form a new hypothesis.

Scientific Method

1. The Problem

4. Experiment

2. Research

Who else knows about this?

5. Analyze the Data

What happened during the experiment?

Draw A Conclusion: This is where you tell about what you learned through your experiment. You say whether or not your hypothesis was correct. If not, you say what really happened.

This is what you want to know about the world. You ask yourself what is the problem you want to learn more about. Then, you start thinking about how it can be solved.

This is your prediction about what you think can solve the problem, or what is going to happen. This is what you will be testing as your project moves forward.

Find out what others have said about your topic. Do your research. This will help you with the upcoming steps to your project.

3. Hypothesis

What is going to happen?

How are you testing your hypothesis?

Tell others about you learned!

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