Scientific Method,(Assignment), Earth Science

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Scientific Method,(Assignment), Earth Science

Problem-My scientific experiment is on which glass will have more water droplets on it if it is in 70 degree temperture or in 30 degree temperture?Oberservation- My oberservation is that the glasses are in place.Hypothesis- My hypothesis is that the glass in the cold temp. will have the most water droplets.Experiment- My experiment contains 2 glasses with room temp water. One glass is in a room that is 30 degrees and the other is in a room with 70 degree temp for 15 mins.Analyze Results-I will take notes on the experiment and put them in a scientific journal.Draw Conclusion-The conclusion is that the glass in the colder temperture had more water droplets rather than the glass in the hotter temperture.Communicate Results- I put the whole data in a journal for other scientist to discover or work on.Tips- Experiment worked 3 timesIndependent Variable- TempDependent Variable- How many water droplets


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1)Come up With an Problem2) Make a Observation3)Make a Hypothesis4)Then Do your Experiment5)Analyze your Results6)Draw your Conclusion7)Communicate your Results

26. Use and describe alternate methods for investigating different types of testable questions (SI-M-B1)



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