Scientific Meeps NASA Project

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Space Discoveries

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Scientific Meeps NASA Project

Phase Change MaterialBy MichelleTo prepare astronauts for the scorching heat and freezing chill in space, NASA invented temperature-adaptive material which is used in suits and gloves of astronauts. Because of the material, the suit is able to keep the astronaut at a moderate temperature, even though the outside environment is very extreme. Today, this material is used in athletes clothing.

Self Illuminating Materials By: Eloise AnagnostYou are wandering through a dark hall, in a school, at night.Shadows loom in every corner. And you jump at every sound or movement. “Hi!” an energetic voice says. You dash to the nearest door and wrench it open. You realize, that this dark room is the bathroom. You shut yourself in the nearest stall. The bathroom door opens and someone walks in. You jump on the toilet in fright. Suddenly a bright light appears on the door. Saying ‘EXIT’ You peek through a crack in the stall door and now can that there is a girl outside your stall. “Didn’t mean to scare you” she said. “I couldn’t see.” Thanks to NASA’s no electricity or maintenance invention, originally used in the space station as exit indicators to guide astronauts through the dark. It was then “adopted by a private industry” And brought down to earth, to then become a spinoff technology. As far as help towards a school, these EXIT signs help during late night events, and help custodians find their way around the school, if they are staying late.

NASA has become more advanced over the years and has come up with great inventions the rest of the world never knew about. These inventions were invented for astronauts and NASA used all these inventions in space so nobody knew about them. Some of the inventions started being used on earth. These inventions are called: “NASA spinoffs”. Some examples of spin offs are: ingestible toothpaste, self Illuminating materials, phase change materials, and much more. NASA spinoffs may have been invented for astronauts, but they still serve an importance on earth. Many of the inventions found today were originally designed for space. Materials in athletes clothing, for example, is used in astronaut’s space suits. NASA spinoff technology has changed over the year. The paragraphs above explain the overall facts of NASA spinoffs, and the importance of spin offs. NASA Spinoffs lead to many different improvements in everyday life.

Ingestible Toothpaste SummaryBy: Sydney WrightPretend you are an astronaut, and you can’t go to the bathroom every day to brush your teeth. This is the reason why NASA came up with a great idea: toothpaste you can swallow. They call it “Ingestible toothpaste”. This toothpaste is great because all you have to do is squirt toothpaste onto the toothbrush, brush your teeth, and when your teeth are shiny and clean there is no need to spit it out: just swallow it! Not only can you swallow it but you will think the toothpaste tastes better than you expected! This toothpastes actually tastes great! While swallowing this great tasting toothpaste it won't foam up which makes it easier to swallow. “For anyone with little access to the bathroom, including astronauts living in space or the physically impaired on earth, a good tasting foamless toothpaste that can be swallowed makes life a little easier.” as quoted by NASA Spinoff. So the next time you visit the bathroom to brush your teeth,think of this NASA spinoff, but don’t swallow your toothpaste unless you own “Ingestible Toothpaste”.



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