Scientific Literacy

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Scientific Literacy

What does it mean to be "scientifically literate"? The term encompasses many various components, and there are many aspects to scientific literacy (Including recognition and use of of science terms, understanding of process and concepts, and other mutlidimensional aspects such as social context.) In short, scientific literacy is being able to communicate and discuss a science topic or concept with ample knowledge and understanding. Most Americans are not scientifically literate-In fact only 6.9% of Americans are considered scienfically literate in the most basic level!As future American educators we need to change this!


Scientific Literacy:"Creating a Scientifically Literate classroom"

A video about scientific literacyand children

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Here are some tips...

Creating a literate classroom

1) Create a classroom with active learners (for example, using problem-based learning and cooperative learning)2)Draw on students prior knowledge when teaching a new concept3)Teach students how to relate science theories to real world experiences and situations4) Continue your own learning proces,and draw on student's inquisitive nature!

Elements of Scientific Literacy

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