Scientific Inquiry Process

by MrMurrayRTMS
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Scientific Inquiry Process

Scientific Inquiry Process

1- The Question or problem:

2-The Hypothesis: (Cause variable and Effect Variable). I wonder what will happen if we ...?

3- Insert a Picture (phtot/link/scan) of the Materials/Equipment/Apparatus used:

4 - The Method/Plan or Procedure that is followed. What are the steps of your Fair Test?

5- The Observations: What data will be recorded? Put it in a chart or table here:

6- The Results: How can the data be organized? Can a graph be made to see the patterns?

7 - The Conclusion: Was the Hypothsesis correct?

8- What questions or problems come out of this?

9 - How does this relate/connect to other things in Science, Art, Music, other?


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