Science/Invention During 1970s

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Inventors and Inventions

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Science/Invention During 1970s

Science/Inventions During 1970s

1974 - First Chicken Pox vaccine was made (Chicken Pox is when someone gets rashes and reaches high temperatures)

1973 - First Laser eye surgery was done (The purpose of LASIK eye surgery is for obtaining a more clear vison.)

1977 - First vaccine for Pneumonia (Lung Infection) was generated (This lung infection is when fluid fills up the alveolies in right/leftlung and doens't let the person breathe)

1974 - Giorgio Fischer bulit the first C.A.T (Computerized Axial Tomography) scanner which is now used for checking inside of people for any infections, viruses, diseasesetc.

1977 - Iron Lung was made for people that had trouble breathing (It was used when thelungs stopped working or it's muscle lost strength)

1978 - Graeme Clarke in Australia was the first person to make a cochlear implant (This surgery is for people that have a damage or damages intheir inner ear acts as a hearing aid)

1997 - First vaccine made for meningitis (Meningitisis when there is an infection the that starts at the brain and continues onto the spinal cord. Vaccine is needed because this illness is contagious)

1973 - First Nuclear Power Heart was madeand has saved many lives since it was invented (If a patient needed a heart becuaseof any cause or loss, there might be a possibility for there to be this type of replacement)

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