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How do web 2.0 tools and science mesh in the elementary classroom? View these student and teacher created projects to learn how!

Science Goes Digital

After learning about Simple Machines, B-7 students combined what they learned into a video by Discovery Streaming.

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A Simple Machines unit for upper elementary students, complete with links to Discovery Education resources and example quizzes.

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The Techno Tigers want to protect you from the Swine Flu. After watching Discovery Education videos and researching on the web, these fifth graders created a wikispace to share their knowledge with the world.

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Discovery Resources Page

An Animal Classification unit for upper elementary students including a webquest, Discovery Educator resources, example Discovery quizzes, and a student-created wikispace.

Animal Webquest

Discovery Resources Page

Student Created Wikispace

Presented by:Jan Abernethyand Traci Blazosky

KTITraci's Glogster Tutorial


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