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Perfered Habitat type:main habitats are wetlands, swamps, upland forests, and stands of saw palmettoThe largest majority of panthers left are around the Big Cypress Swamp/Everglades

The Florida PantherScientific name: Puma concolor coryi(Also known as a Puma or Mountain Lion)

Habitat Range:Currently only live in Florida(SouthWest)

Florida Panthers are Florida's official mammal.

Fun Facts!!

Florida Panthers are currently endangered because of habitat loss, cars, and feline diseases, but scientist are trying to cross-breed with other species to help population grow.

Florida Panthers are mistaken for bobcats manytimes, but unlike Bobcats they are a tan color and have very long tails.

Reproduction: Mate with more then one partner. The gestation period for panthers kittens about 94 days and litters have 1 to 4 kittens. Births occur in late spring. Females will not breed again until their kittens are about 2.


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