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What is Cloning?Cloning is the production of an organism with genetic material identical to another.

In the 1950's scientists started to experiment cloning on frogs and salamanders. But the first great success was in 1984. A scientist in Switzerland cloned mice.

How Do you Clone an Organism?A Nuclear Transfer is the most successful way to clone a human or any organism. Scientists remove the nucleas from a cell of an animal. The donor nucleas may come from different cells in the species. They inject the nucleus into an egg cell whose nucleus was destroyed. It recieves half its DNA from a sperm and half from its self (the donor nucleus).

What are the potential benefits of cloning? -Cloning Technology could be used to reverse heart attacks and other problems in the body. For example, they can clone cells of a healthy heart and inject them into the defective one for regeneration. This can help people live a longer, healthier life. -A number of diseases could be potentially cured, such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons. This is possible by taking cloning technology and combining it with stem cell technology to regrow neuro cells.-Another advantage is by using materials that are from the body, this deminishes rejection.What are the risks?-Religion: Many religions are against cloning because it would be morally wrong.-Rights: If scientists managed to clone humans, would these clones be entitled to rights? I feel they would be, because even though they were not born, they are still humans.Dangers: The embryo's that were cloned in 1993 did not survive, could this count as killing somebody? What would people think?

Pros vs. Cons

Twelve years after, a whole sheep was cloned. It lived for 7 years until it was put down for having arthritis and lung cancer. (Britian. 1996, Ian Wilmut)

Human Cloning

The first time a human embryo was attempted to be cloned was1993. Fertilized and grown in a lab to form another embryo. These were not successful.

I feel cloning is a very good idea to show society, but so far there are too many contreversies regarding it. Once Scientists can prove that it is 100% a great system, than people will be more accepting. I'm not sure if that will ever come though.

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