Science Week Promotion

by JiaJun
Last updated 4 years ago

Scientific Method

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Science Week Promotion

Science week is all about, well, SCIENCE! Very interesting subject, isn't it? Science Week is more than studying the subject, it's about appreciating it. Just look around us, many things in our lives are based on the discoveries of Science!Are you interested? Look out for other science posters in the school and particpate in the Science Week!

Will the Sun die one day?

Why do mentos react with coke?

Why do we hiccup or sigh?

Guess who these scientist are! If you fail, you will die!(Just kidding...)


Interesting topics to learn from!

There are many animals that can glow.

Do you know you can float better on quicksand than on pure water?

Do you know that humans share 98% of chimpanzees' DNA?

Why won't planets collide?

Do you have colour blindness? How can you tell?



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