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Science Vocab Words

Lava:A name given to the thick, gooey, molten material known as magma when it reaches Earth's surface and flowes down volcanoes

Rock Cycle: Continuous, dynamic process by which sedimentary,igneous, and metamorphic rocks are changed from one form to another by means such as weathering, erosion, compaction, melting, and cooling

Science Vocab Words

Rock:A dynamic mixture of one or more minerals, mineraloids, glass, or organic mater

Grantitic:A light colored, silica-rich igneous rockof a lower destiny than basaltic rock

Basaltic:A dense, heavy, dark colored igneous roock that is rich in magnesium and iron

Sediment:Loose materials, such as rock fragments, mineralsdissolved in water, andd the remains of once-living plants and animals, that have been moved by wind, water, gravity, or ice

Foliated:A type of metamorphic rock, such as slate, whose mineral grains line up in parallel layers when exposed to heat and pressure

Sedimentary Rock:Rock formed by compaction and cementation of sediments or when minerals precipitate out of solution or are left behind when a solution evaporates

CementationProcess of sedimentary rock formation in which large sediments are held together by natural cements produced when water soaks through rocks and soil

Compaction:The formation of solid sedimentary rock in which layers of small sediments build up and are squeezed together by the weight of the overlying sediment layers

By: Erin Thomas


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