Science Through Photography

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Science Through Photography

Science through Photography can support all learning styles whether visual, auditory or kinesthetic . It can be adpated to all junior grade levels and can be integrated with many disciplines. Most importantly, this application is user friendly and can be beneficial for students that are low- functioning and require visual representations in order to support them in their learning. This application promotes inquiry as students are asked to explore and investigate, and come to their own conclusions regarding scientific and mathematical concepts.

Science Through Photography !

Science through Photography is an application that allows students toview images in high- resolution. Students are able to connect these experiences to many concepts that are covered in the science curriculum for grades 3 to 6. Additionally, this application allows students to listen to various lessons, zoom in on various images, allowing them to gain a deeper sense of earth science. This can be easily applied to the mathematics curriculum as students can convert distances, measure the depth of soil etc. Through this applicaiton students' will gain a deeper understanding of earth as they engage in this multi- sensory experience.


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