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 Science Project

What Soil Works Best On Germinating Zucchini Seeds ?

PurposeThe purpose of my project is to figure which soil works best on germinating zucchini seeds.

Dependent VariableMy dependent variable is the plant seeds and whether or not they grew.

HypothesisI think that Miracle Grow will work the best on the zucchini seed because it has lots of minerals and all natural ingredients.

Independent Variable/Manipulated VariableThe idependent variables (or manipulated variables) are the soils: Miracle Grow seed starting mix, Scott's premium top soil, and regular dirt from my yard.

Procedure1. Plant the seeds2. Water them each day with 2 tablespoons of distilled water3. Observe the seeds as the y to grow4. Record my data

MaterialsMy materials are distilled water, zucchinni seeds, and soil.(The soils used are dirt that i got from my yard, miracle grow, and scotts soil.

ConstantsMy constants are the amount of water used, the type of seed used, the amount of sunlight and the location of the plants.

DataMiracle Grow had the most seeds germinate, then Scott's, and yard dirt germinated the fewest.

Results14 out of 15 Miracle Grow seeds popped up. Then the Scotts soil seeds had 11 out of 15 seeds come up. Finally the seeds with dirt used only had 1 out of 15 come up and germinate.

ConclusionAfter my project was completed I realized that my hypothesis was correct and that it is worth it to buy a soil with lots of minerals and natural ingredients.

Name: Megan B.

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