Science project - Rockets

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Science project - Rockets

*Scientists put control modules in the rockets.*Scientist put fins/wings on the rockets to guide them.*They program rockets before they launch them into space.*They program them to hit a particular target.

How Do People Design Rockets To Stay on Course?

Rocket Navigation!!!

There is a guidance/navigation system in the rocket. They provide stability for the rocket and it controls the rocket during maneuvers.

*Geostationary Orbit is commonly chosen for objects because it maintains the same position relative to the Earth and does not require tracking to determine its position. It may be necessary to fire rocket engines periodically to prevent drifting.**Rockets stay in the air so long as they are burning enough fuel to overcome the acceleration of gravity.

A rotating rocket must achieve a balance between gravity and centrifugal force that would keep the rocket moving in a staight line rather than an orbit.

How Do Rockets Stay on Course?

A rocket can only take off when a blast of energy forces it to move.

Credits: *** Credits:*Rockets and Missles by Bill Gunston*Great Discoveries and Inventions That Helped Explore Earth and Space*Young Scientist, Space and Technology



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