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Photosynthesis is plants turning light into energy.

Tank Cycling



Tank cycling is basically the nitrogen cycle. You have to put in a biological filter in the tank to help filter the nitrogen. A properly sized filter is important to small and it won’t filter properly to big and it will kill any living plants you have. It dies because there’s not enough nitrogen to keep the ground fertile so it can’t grow.There are two way to cycle a tank, you can use fish as your source of ammonia, or you can put the ammonia in yourself.

You’re environment can really effect your Box Turtle. It can affect the mood of the Turtle or thier actions. The turtle may feel like they aren’t at their home. Turtles react to their environment like people, they need a natural feel to there home, it makes them feel safe and secure. When picking an environment for your turtle you need to take into account, were they naturaly live, were they used to live, and were the turtle personaly likes to live as a individual.


Picture of Tank


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Food webs are basicly food chain, but are presented differantly. They are like this,

Food Webs

Is It Fresh or salt Water

Box Turtles are fresh water animals and do not live in salt water, it would kill them.


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