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Science in My World

Science in My World

2. This is a picture of a stream running down a mountain that I took while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park over Labor Day. The rushing water is science because it is an example of the effects of gravity. The smooth rocks in the stream are also an example of science because they show the effects of weathering and abrasion. They have undergone a physical change due to these effects and they are smoother than most rocks.

4. It's Time to Get a Watch...

4. This is a picture of a sundial that I took in Dodge City, KS. A sundial is an example of science because it involves the sun and the rotation of the earth around the sun. It involves aspects of astronomy.The sundial involves light and shadows. The pole is blocking the light because it is not transparent, and thus causes a shadow. Depending on the time of the day, the shadow will change position and length.

9. This is a picture of my mom doing the dishes. Doing the dishes is an example of science because it involves soap and water. We use soap in our dish water because it helps attract the oil and grease off of dishes. This is something water alone couldn't do becaus water is not attracted to oil. One end of soap is attracted to water and the other to oil. Because of this, the soap binds the oil/grease to the water and it is washed off of the dishes.

10. Keepin' It Cool

9. A Sink of Suds

10. This is the sunshade in my car. This is an example of science because it involves light and different types of light and also reflection vs absorbtion. The sunshade keeps the car cool becuase it is a shiny material and thus reflects the light away from the car. This is different from an opaque object which would just absorb the light. Different types of materials interact with light in different ways. A transparent material would not work as a sunshade.

1. The Little Engine That Could

2. Babbling Brook

7. Do the Dew

6. This is a picture of my laundry after the final spin cycle. The spin cycle is an example of science because it is dealing with forces, specifically a centripetal force. The clothes go in a circle and the water does not, therefore leaving your clothes. Without this force, our clothes would be soaking wet when they came out of the washer and we would spend hours drying them in the dryer (another example of science!)

5. I work in the residence halls on campus, and this is some Friday night vomit I had to clean up. We used an absorbant material to make it easier to clean up. This is an example of science because the vomit was attracted to something in the powder and thus caused the vomit to clump with the powder. Vomiting is also an example of science because it is a function of the body.

5. A Typical Friday Night

8. Up, Up, and Away

8. This is a picture of my attic fan. The fan cools the house because it sucks in the cool air from outside and pushes out the hot air that is in the house This is an example of science because it involves energy inputs and outputs. Electrical energy is the input energy. This causes the fan to move. In turn, the fan's outputs energy are thermal, sound, and mechanical.

1. This is a picture of a steam engine that sits along the main street in my hometown. I drive by it every time I go home. This steam engine is an example of science because it involves chemical and physical changes. The wood or coal is burnt (chemical change) causing the water to boil and turn into steam (physical change). The steam is directed to the pistons which turn the wheels and causes the train to move.

3. This pictures shows my brother running in a cross country meet in Hugoton, KS. Running involves the lungs, blood vessels, muscles, etc, which are all examples of science. During running, your heart rate increases and more blood is sent to your muscles as well as oxygen. Your body temperature also increases. The reason behind all of these changes in your body are examples of science (physiclogy).

6. Turn! Turn! Turn!

7. I found this drop of dew on a plant as I was walking around campus one morning. The water droplet is an example of science because it shows the strong force of attraction between the molecules in water. This is also an example of surface tension. We can also explore cohesion and adhesion with water droplets.

3. The Longest Mile

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