Science in Media - Technological Immortality

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Science in Media - Technological Immortality

Technological Immortality

How?Because mind-to-computer uploading is in its early stages, there are no exact details on how this can be done. In theory, however, cybernetics to speed up thought or assist in memory would be added to a person's brain. Components would be added gradually until the person's entire brain functions were handled by artificial devices, avoiding sharp transitions that would lead to issues of identity.

What?Technological Immortality is the term used to refer to the multiple possible technologies that humans can use to make ourselves live forever. This presentation will focus on the most likely method: uploading the human conscious onto a computer.

In Media

In a BookThe book I read as a reference is 'Virtually Human' written by Martine Rothblatt. It explores the possibilites of a not-so-distant future where someone's personality can be recreated based off of their social network data.

In a TV ShowThe show that I used as a reference is 'Almost Human'. The show isn't focused on mind uploading but there are various future technologies such as advanced robotics and nanotechnology.

In a MovieThe movie that I used as a reference is 'Transcendence'. The movie is about a scientist who is dying from cancer that transfers his consciousness into a computer. The movie shows the problems of identity issues of mind uploading as it goes on.

In an ArticleAn article on presents the viewpoints of mind uploading from different scientists. Martine Rothblatt claimed that humans would be able to create digital copies of their personalities by 2045. Roger Penrose, on the other hand, argued that a quantum computer is necessary to create or replicate consciousness, technology that would not be available by 2045.

In a BroadcastThe closest thing that I could find to a new broadcast was a video recording of Rich Sutton lecturing his college class about immortality. He talks about the options for immortality that seem the most likely right now. He also discusses the future of medicine once immortality becomes real.


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