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Earth Sciences

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Atmosphere•Mining machines burn fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere.•Mining cuts down trees, which means less oxygen and more CO2.•Mining produces toxins that can cause diseases and possibly death.•While mining, dust and other particles fill the air.

Hydrosphere•When mining near rivers, sometimes the structure of the river is destroyed.•Harmful chemicals from mining are often spilled into rivers and other water sources.•Loose soil can be washed away to pollute rivers.•Chemicals from mining can also pollute ground water.•Mines can be filled up by rain and high tides, causing other water sources to have a shortening of water.

How Does Mining Affect the Enviroment?

Biosphere•When land is cleared for mining, many plantss are killed.•Rockslides and other dangers can kill miners.•Waste from mining can enter water sources and kill animals.•Pollution in the air from mining can kill wildlife.•Habitats of animals are destroyed, so many animals have to find new homes.•Pollution in the air and water can cause animal defects.•Oil spills can occur in the process of deep sea mining and can cause harm to animals and plants.

Geosphere•Mining leaves large holes in the Earth.•Large amounts of deforestation occur in the process of mining preparation.•Mining loosens the soil, which increases erosion.•Mountains and other physical features are destroyed and are permanantly damaged.•When mining is completed, the land is left contaminated for a long time.


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