Science Field Study

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Science Field Study

TREESWhat was the average height of the treesCompare to something else, and show image of the tree in comparison with the average tree heightPick a tree and tell how old it is and how you know - get a picture of a tree and show where the wet and dry seasons are along with the importance of tree rings

Science Field Study

What you found to be your favorite topic. Expand

List 3 different type of plant species found along with a discription of them and how you determined the different types of species

No more than 2 animations

3 pictures are required

Animal TracksList the different types of animal tracks that you found Show a picture of each oneDescribe how you determined the animal track belonged to that animal

Describe the type of forestDetermine the name of the forest you were inWhat are the attributes of this type of forest?What was the pH of the soil? - How did you determine this?What is the average temperature, what was the temperature when you were on your field study?What is the average rainfall in this area - what was it this year?

Create an average temperature and an average rainfall graph for the area

Insert a video that you took as a field reporter


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