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Science fiction

Year 9 Science Fiction

We follow the main character Tris as she tries to live in a futuristic world in where society is divided into 5 factions. As the children grow up they are required to choose one of these factions and commit to it for life. When Tris chooses her faction along with shocking her family discovers that she is something special in society with isnt spoken of... she is divergent

Sources-Divergent (google)-Divergent Factions (google images)-Star Wars (google)

Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back


Luke Skywalker tries to extend his knowledge of the force by visiting a dark swamp system, learning from a Jedi master Yoda. While the rest of the characters flee there base and seek refuge on a friends planet Cloud City where in a intense showdown between Luke and Darth Vader, Luke learns the truth about his father in a final battle scene where he loses his hand in battle. This the fifth title of the star wars series.


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