Science Fair

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Science Fair

It's Science Fair Palooza

3 Or you can make your own invention --->

RULES DUDES 1 You cant copy a famous invention, you must make your own! That's the only rule!

2 Pick anything that has to do with Science. These are the choices you can do:You can gather all of your facts. The websites we did the whole year, rap song, comic, magazine, or a videa. must Include a model to represent it.

The top rules are:1 you can have a science parther if you choose to.2 if you have a lab jacket or anything science like, you can wear that at the science fair.3 HAVE FUN.

I'm a student in your class, who gave Mr Cookson the idea for a science palooza and the rules we need to follow. Try to guess who I am, before I reveal myself at the Fair. Heres two clues who I am, Pie is awsome Basket Ball rules.

1 You can do a experiment on anything you want. Must have some fact's, and don't copy someone else.


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