Science Fair: Thomas H. Morgan

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Science Fair: Thomas H. Morgan

Thomas Hunt Morgan

by Joseph V.Mathias

Thomas Morgan discovered how parent's traits are passed down to their children. This is called "heredity". Back then, scientists knew about heredity, but not how it happened.However, that wouldn't be true for long.....

As a young boy,Thomas enjoyed collecting eggs, and fossils. He got a Doctoral in biology in 1890.

Thomas was the head of a experimental zoology group at Columbia University.

Using the common Fruit Fly, he proved a)That genes are parts of chromosomes (a part of a nucleus in a cell) , b) that heredity may be sex-linked, and c) that heredity actually exists. Ex. "You have your dad's eyes." That's because of heredity.

Click here for more info on Thomas Hunt Morgan.

Thomas was one busy guy! He was both an embriologist and a zoologist.



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