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Science Fair Test

Have you ever wished you could get the stain out of your favourite shirt but can't?

Question for Investigation

This fair test will investigate the effectiveness of stain removal properties of prewashed products Napisan, Fab, Preen and Sard on controlled stains of red wine, ink and shoe polish.

Stain Removal

My Prediction...Different stain removal products will have different effects when removing various stain substances from the same medium.

Equipment- Permanent black ink- Red wine- Shoe polish- Napisan- Fab- Preen- Sard- 4 buckets- 20cm x 20cm 24 pieces of plain white thin cotton fabric- measuring jug- measuring cup- syringe- tongs- water- gloves- methylated spirits

VariablesWhat will I be measuring?What will I keep the same?What will I change?

Product Removal Results

Type of Stain Removal Results

Shoe polish is easy to remove!Wine is hard to remove!Ink is also hard but can be done!

How can I Improve for next time?

Undertaking a similar fair test in the primary school context

Do the results match my prediction?

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Click here to see the colour chart I used to grade the stains colour.