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Science & Engineering

Science & Engineering

Brige Building they mad brick stons and thay put the bricks in side the pillers, they made 5-6 pillers to make a brige.thay put a row of bouts under wood so they could walk on top of them and standed on one part of the bridge that was built.

Building TechnologyThe Romens were highy skill in the bilding technology.

Building a RoadBe for the Romens build the road thay looked for the shortest way and the flattest rout to travle on that road/roads.

Concreat The Romens devloped concreat in the 2nd centurybc the romes found out how to make a good mortar out of volcanic ash and it is vary strong.

Tools & EquipmentThe Romans made really god metalworks and the carpnders mad really good tools for builders.

MedicineThe Romens have a lot of knolge of medicine.

1. To make there rosds they used rocks gravle stone.2.The Romens mile was 1,500m witch is 1,500ft.3.The Romens made a wall out on volcanic ashand very strong stone. 4.Groma was to estimate stright lines.

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