Science Class

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Science Class

Out of everything I learned during science these are the topics I remember most because they were more exciting than others.

My 8th grade science teacher taught like this. Her favorite subject was evolution which I considered being the dullest lesson ever! When I think about 8th grade science this video sums it up.

Science Class Life as I Remember It.....

My vow to my students is to make SCIENCE FUN by using demonstrations, explorations, experiments, and an upbeat passion to teach science.

Science was usually a very interesting topic for me depending on one thing..... THE TEACHER!!! The teacher had the potential to engage the class or catch us dozing off. I remember more dozing during high school earth science.

My teacher never knew this but in my head all I heard sometimes was....

As a future science educator I have, I want my students to be actively learning and engaged by allowing them to explore as much as they listen.

Tyler DeWitt: Hey science teachers -- make it fun


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