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Science Chromium project

FACTSChromium's name was chosen by Nicolas Vaquelin( top left) because chroma is the Greek word for color and Chromium's compounds had a variety of colors. Lead chromate is chrome yellow, Chromic oxide is chrome green. Chromium's color gives some other minerals their color as well. It is produced from Chrome ore in South Africa, Kazakhastan, and India. But it can be found in the Earths crust almost everywhere. This element gets in your body all the time. It's used in brewer's yeast, and wheat germ. Very small amounts are actually necesary foe human health.




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When put in medicine, it's usually for improving athletic performance and energy, also for depression, lowering bad cholesterol, weight loss, increasing muscle, decreasing body fat, and for blood sugar control for people with diabetes.

Chromium was discovered by a French chemist, names Nicolas Vauquelin in 1797. He was studying another mineral, Siberian Red Lead, which he suspected held a secret inside, that secret was Chromium. Vaquelin was able to isolate a sample by heating charcoal with a compound of Chromium. After the reaction, he was left with tiny Chromium needles.

Chromium is a transition metal in group 6, period 4. It does not react with water, does with acid, and combines well with oxygen, just like Tungsten or Seaborgium. Boiling point : 2,642 CMelting point : 1,900 CChromium is hard, it's steel-gray, shiny, and breaks quickly.

Chromium is used in many things, mostly because it's used in metal alloys, and for shiny look. When used in metal alloys, it makes the final product harder and more resistant. 70% of all Chromium is used in stainless steel. Used in automobile bodies/parts, plating for boats and ships, construction parts. Chromium is even used in medicine.

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