Science Article- Natalie

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Science Article- Natalie

Inquiry Takes Time

Types Of Inquiry:~Structured: provided question and method~Guided: provided question~Open: all developed by student

Fall: Developing Observational and Recording skills: Moving toward Structured Inquiry

~Observe, describe, and categorize features of different rocks and minerals~Questions such as: "What does shiny mean?"~Teacher demonstration of handling rocks

~Students explored electricity through an experiement~ Prompt: Use a wire, and battery to light a bulb~Draw and record what worked and what did not work~ Focused on a question posed by the teavher in a way they developed

~Design a useful product from Bubblewrap~Inspired by an article in the newspaper~Challenge to come up with their own useful products~Posed their own questions about the properties, and how they could be useful in other designs

Posing Questions and Testing Ideas: Moving Toward Open Inquiry

Winter: Predicting and Posing Questions: Moving towards Gudied Inquiry

~Growing plants and observing: then pose questions regarding growth~Select a question, refine and investigate

Spring: Open Inquiry: Student Driven Investigations



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