Science 5

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Science 5

Polar Bear

An ice cap climate is a polar climate where the temperature almost never exceeds 0 °C (32 °F). With no exposed soil,most of the food resources are in the adjacent ocean, so life on the polar ice cap is restricted to the near-shore. Some abiotic factors here are the ice, temperature, and the wind. Since Ice Cap is at the poles, it has two extreme seasons. The seasons are determined by the amount of light. During the "summer", there is nearly 24 hours of light and during the "winter", there is nearly 24 hours of darkness. With all of the ice, it is too cold to evaporate the water, so the humidity is low; therefore there isn't water in the air to create precipitation (snow). In fact, Ice Cap averages less than 10 inches of precipitation, so technically it is a desert--for this reason climatologist call Antarctica a "polar desert". The biggest threat in the ice caps is from oil and gas development which is resulting global warming, therefore causing the ice caps to melt

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White Whale

Arctic Fox

Arctic Seal

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