Schultz Section 1 Benedict Arnold

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Schultz Section 1 Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was born the year of 1741 to a wealthy merchant family. He was a prankster and was constantly getting into trouble in his expensive school. He had a hard life as a child, his dad lost his job and two of his sisters died of yellow fever. When he became an adult, he opened a business in herbs and medicines although he had no experience with the subject. He never paid his bills and owed multiple people hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Benedict Arnold and the Revolutionary War

He eventually became the leader of a group called the "Sons of Liberty". They were against British taxes, made up of shopkeepers and tradesmen and illegally took guns and ammo. Arnold led America's first offensive attack in Quebec, Canada and was also incharge of the first naval fleet. He was known by the title of “Commander of the Lakes”. However, he was always doing the wrong things, such as looting cities, and denying them. Washington gave Arnold a second chance as a military governor in Philadelphia. Arnold abused this opportunity and made acquaintances with the Tories (enemy) and eventually married one when his wife died. “The court martialed on eight accounts of swiping government funds, illegal use of public property and being disrespectful to just about everybody”(81). He was his own lawyer and presented his own case and even managed to dodge prison.

Arnold burned towns of Virginia and New London, Connecticut soon after his escape near his hometown. He received only 6,000 pounds and argued for his full 10,000 till his death in 1801. "He made more money than any American officer in the American revolution"(85).


"Going to the dark side came with a hefty paycheck"(82).

Fort West Point

Georgia Bragg

Washington somehow gave Arnold a third chance as commander of the fort at West Point along the Hudson River. Arnold planned to hand the fort over to the British and sent classified information to the enemy via his wife. If his plan worked, he would receive 3.4 million dollars (20,000 pounds), if he failed, the British agreed to pay 6,000 though Arnold wanted 10,000 pounds. He met with British Major Andre and had the idea to capture Washington along with the fort for extra money. However, the plan was found in Major Andres boot and was sent immediately to Washingtons house. Unfortunately, Washington had already left for Arnolds house to discuss the fort and was then sent to Arnolds house. The letter made it before Washington arrived and Arnold escaped while his wife distracted Washington. Eventually, when Washington discovered his plan, it was too late. Benedict Arnold thad escaped to England where he was renamed Brigadier General in the British Army. Back in the US, Major Andre was hanged for treason.

"Nobody likes a traitor, even when he's on your side"(84).


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