Schooling in America

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Schooling in America

Following the failure of progressive education of the Gary Plan, the board came up with a solution of Life Adjustment Education. Progressive education quickly became dubbed as regressive education because people realized that the schools taught common sense. In the new Life Adjustment Education, people began wanting traditional schooling back and were no longer satisfied with progressive. They desired a movement back to the core of academics.

What can we fix now?In every instance mentioned, there was some part of the school system that people were dissatsified with and that was improved upon. Looking at our school system now, what could be improved on for the greater good of students individually or in relation to the rest of the world?

John Hughes started a protest because of the unfair treatment of Catholics in the public school system. The case went to trial and the Catholics were refused rights. Following the trial, passages offensive to Catholics in textbooks were taken out and the education board was replaced. Hughes went on to become Bishop and created a sytem of Catholic schools, and many still remain in New England.

Schooling in America

Horace Mann was the mind behind the common school. The common school was the first standardized public school for America. The common school was created in an attempt to fix the many problems with the early schools of America that Mann witnessed while traveling to many different schools. It was intended to equalize all men with common curriculum and access to all.

The Gary Plan focused on creating well rounded students that could succeed in school as well as in different walks of life. The schools contained large athletic fields, play grounds, a zoo, lagoons, and pools. The Gary Plan ultimately failed because progressive education began failing in comparison to other schooling systems around the world. The concept was good, but it got out of hand and lost the idea of academic excellence.

The Gary Plan 1900s

"Life Adjustment Education"

Common School1830s-1840s

CATHOLIC SCHOOL1840s,_c1850.jpg

In 1957, Russia launched the world's first space craft, Sputnik. In launching this satelite, they beat the US in the initial space race. Because of this, America began a movement back to educating with a balance of traditional and progressive education so that America could come back on equal intellectual playing ground, and hopefully forge ahead. Sputnik was a defeat for the USA, but it launched a movement for public education, and millions of dollars were given to the public school system in order to create an education system that would never be behind other countries. America's competive nature needed an event like this in order to refuel educational drive, and regain a focus on education.



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