School Standerize Testing

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School Standerize Testing

Standerized Testing

Pushing A Student HarderTo push a student, its almost like a team effort. The teacher, parents, and students all need to be involved. Thats why standerized testing is so important. When getting a score the teachers can tell the students what they need to be working on at home and school. At home the parents can get the student to bed on time. Most importantly, the students need to study and work on homework to get warmed up for the test.

Measuring Student's KnowledgeStanderized test measure student’s intelligence by giving them questions that they might not know. If they get it right they will get a harder one. But if they miss it instead, then they would have gotten an easier one and then it gets to the learners ability to see where they are at.(Test like MAP)If you were taking an assessment test, than it’s a little bit different. You have questions that are supposed to be your grade level. If you can’t get a certain amount of them right, you are under your grade level depending on what your score is.

Main Point 1

Main Point 3

Opposing Side’s Point:Standardized test don’t accurately measure a student’s knowledge.Your Counter Argument:The test measure where the students are at, not how mush they can get right.Supporting Details:Gives teachers an idea of where they are at, and how they can help improve the students scores.Standardized testing like the assessments include lots of grade level information the the school should have went over.

Counter Argument

Student's Learning AbilityThe test sum up the students learning aboility. The do this by the different types of test questions. (Graphs, charts, multiples aswers, stories, and etc)Assesment test go over grade level and such, these questions are things the students have gone over so can very easily be asnwered. Depending on what they get, that shows whether or not they need to work on those areas.

Main Point 2

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Thesis Statment: Schools should keep standardized testing because they measure a student’s knowledge, learning ability, and they even push students which causes them to get a better score on the next test.


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