School Social Work

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School Social Work

School social workers help identify needs that hinder learning and provide your child with the services that can help them get past that. School social workers work with your child as well as you to resolve social, emotional, and behavioral problems. Through assessment, consultation, management plans, and providing services needed, School social workers help your child be as successful as possible.

School Social Work

School social workers are able to form teams and set meetings to discuss what action needs to take place that can help your child become as successful as possible. Teams including the parent, the child, the school counselor, teachers, etc.

The school social worker goes through a CFST assessment form which identifies what problems your child may be facing that is interfering with his/her success. Assessing child/family factors, academic factors, physical health factors, mental health factors, social factors, and legal factors the school social worker is able to identify what your child’s problem may be and also begin to brainstorm ways your child can become more successful.

School social workers can provide your child with numerous amounts of services. Depending on what your child needs to work on, they can offer services ranging from one on one meetings, support groups, intervention/prevention services, home visits, and many more.

Providing Services



So...What do we do?

How We Can Help YOUR Child

School social workers also develop management plans with you and your child addressing the needs that should be worked on regarding your child. Along with addressing those needs, you also develop as a team what goals you ultimately want your child to obtain. While developing these goals the school social worker includes who is responsible for obtaining the goal as well as setting a time limit for when your child as well as you would like to achieve that goal.

Management Plans


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