School Segregation

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School Segregation

Brown vs. Board of Education

School Segregation

Little Rock Nine9 outstanding black students were allowed to attend Central High School in Arkansas. The governor fought against desegregation and ordered troops to block them from entering the school. On September 4, 1957, 8 of the 9 arrived at the school together and were turned away by the National Guard. One student, Elizabeth Eckford arrived by herself. The entrance was blocked with people screaming and yelling.Governor Faubus refused to allow them to attend school. President Eisenhower finally sent federal troops to escort the students into school. In May, 1958, Ernest Green became the first to graduate from Central High School. Eight of the nine stayed there.

Plessy v Ferguson1896 Supreme Court case. Established the "separate-but-equal" doctrine. Applied to federal, state, and local governments. States maintained separate schools for white and black students.


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